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    Kaiser Permanente Redwood City Hospital and Central Utility Plant

    Redwood City, CA

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Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Redwood City is a replacement project for the current hospital. The new hospital will be 280,000 square feet (149 beds) tiered in height from two to seven stories.

The hospital's Central Utility Plant (CUP) will be 16,000 square feet and two stories high containing three chillers, three boilers, a Thermal Fluid Heating Skid and three cooling towers

Pan-Pacific is on the Design-Assist team for the total construction which was completed in 2014. For the CUP, Pan-Pacific is performing both the mechanical and plumbing portion. Our total contract is approximately $32 million.

Pan-Pacific also performed Fuel Oil work on the project installing two 20,000 gallon underground fuel tanks and a Pressure Line Leak Detection (PLLD) system to perform precision leak testing at full pressure. PPM designed a program for Kaiser to apply to their existing systems that utilizes code and helps detect catastrophic leaks. Should a leak be detected at a pre-set pressure threshold, the system would shutoff power to the Submersible Turbine Pump (STP) and notify the site operator minimizing environmental damage and preventing a public safety issue. Pan-Pacific’s system includes permitting with local agencies, OSHPD coordination, overall install wiring and interconnecting panels on specific sites. The fuel scope included monitoring, installation of multiple transition sumps, heavy controls, a Master Control Panel and fuel filters for each tank.