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    Boston Scientific

    Santa Clarita, CA

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Originally constructed for Advanced Bionics this two-story, 180,415 square-foot complex located in the northern hills of Valencia is now home to Boston Scientific. The first story contains all the mechanical areas, laboratory spaces and a 15,000 square-foot clean-room specializing in Nano Technology. The second floor is for administration and operations which contains over 200 work spaces. This project encompassed many different, non-typical plumbing systems such as Medical Air, Vacuum, Helium, Argon, Nitrogen, Reverse-Osmosis Water, Oxygen and Hydrogen.

One of the biggest challenges Pan-Pacific faced was the intricate and complex maze of piping which runs underneath the raised floor of the clean-room. This piping had to not only be installed per medical standards, but it also had to be fully coordinated to avoid the floor supports placed on two-foot centers which were installed after our piping. The piping main for each gas line entering the room was an unregulated, full-pressure line. This required multiple pressure regulators to be installed and calibrated in order to achieve the desired output pressures. Pan-Pacific’s knowledge of laboratory protocols helped us deliver the project on-time and within budget with zero lost-time accidents.