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    A Culture
    of safety

another Safe year

We Know Safety

Pan-Pacific puts safety at the forefront of everything we do. Our EMR is consistently lower than the industry average and shows our continual commitment to safety.

Quality is our mission, Safety is our pledge

The value of Safety is a pledge to our people to send them home whole every night. Like all departments here at Pan-Pacific, the Safety department is customer-service oriented. Our customers are in the field and our job is to make their jobs easier and safer through communication, new technologies and meaningful incentives.

"You don't work safe for the company, you work safe for the man working beside you.
At Pan-Pacific, we're family."


Innovations in Safety


The root cause of most injuries is tied to an incomplete JHA. To combat this issue, we have developed a new JHA generator that covers every step and potential hazards to ensure our employees work safely and efficiently.
Our database stores safety information and creates JHAs based on previously identified hazards while allowing the author of each JHA to quickly add site-specific information. We don’t pencil-whip our paperwork! This JHA system reduces writing time and enables the safety department to track information more effectively, ensuring that all JHAs are complete and up-to-date.


Utilizing our in-house design team, we are going green in every department. In safety, we have designed proprietary tool tracking systems and jobsite inspection forms that allow us to go green while helping with compliance, communication and production.


An Example of our Standard JHA Template

Pan-Pacific provides my paycheck, safety brings me home

A Safety Culture

While many companies have done away with safety incentives, Pan-Pacific loves to reward our employees who go above and beyond to work safely and to help their fellow tradesmen with lotto incentive tickets. These tickets can be cashed in for awesome logoed merchandise or for cash!

But our best reward is spending time with our families which we do each year at our Safety Picnics. Always a favorite of our employees, past safety picnics have been hosted at Universal Studios, Great America Parks and Lakes, and Disneyland. These picnics are a great opportunity for our employees to get together and meet each other’s families. After all, our families are why we work safe and why our commitment to our employees’ safety is paramount.

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