With the start of a new decade and ENR’s latest ranking of 15th Mechanical Contractor in the Nation, we are taking a moment to reflect back on some of the early milestones that have carried us through to 2020.

Recent years have brought a large number of new faces to the company and a walk down memory lane is due! As we continue to connect pieces of the past, we are commited to sharing this history with our employees.

Pictured bottom right:
Original officers (left to right) Jack McMackin (Secretary), John McIntyre (Vice President) and Sam McMackin (President) at the 9th Annual California State Bowling Tournament in Long Beach, CA. The trio established the roots of Pan-Pacific Plumbing and the company remained a family business until 2015 when it transitioned to an Employee Owned Corporation.

Honoring moments in time, Fountain Valley conference rooms claim names from the past, such as the Sam Mac, named after our President from 1949-1979, and the “The Green Shack,” Pan-Pacific’s second office building in North Hollywood. Names from the “Old Timer’s Club” mark additional areas in our company headquarters such as Swiss’s Warehouse and the Pink Floyd named after previous 60-year employees, Swiss Nishiyama and Jack Loyd. The Angie B. is named after current employee, Angie Bolognia, who has been with Pan-Pacific since 1962. Can you do the math?! Pan-Pacific was just 15 years old when she joined the team. Follow along with our ‘Pieces of the Past’ series on our company Instagram page to read more!