Nothing is more important than safety at Pan-Pacific, which is why we can all take pride in this year’s impressive safety record, as well as an extensive list of awards brought home through the hard work of the safety department and all the employees working safely every day.  A few of our awards include PENTA’s Safety Innovator of the Year award recognizing our SoCal Shop Crew for their just-in-time delivery ideas and the SMOHT Safety Champion Award from SMART Local 105 awarded to the safety department for their efforts on the JHA generator.  UCSF’s Block 33 crew was awarded Webcor’s Project Safety award as the safest contractor on the project. In addition to our team awards, Safety Director, Rebecca Campbell, has recently been nominated as the Milwaukee Safety Professional of the Year for the successes in safety that have been implemented at Pan-Pacific, as well as her involvement in CPMCA’s Safety Committee and the “treasure chest” of information she has provided to the multitude of safety personnel attending the quarterly committee. As proud as we are of these awards, none of them would mean anything if we couldn’t send our employees home to their families every night.  That is the best award any company can ask for – so a big thank you to each and every employee who works safe every day. 

Featured Image:
Crew members at Oceanwide Center, San Francisco Pictured Left to Right: Apprentice Cameron Glover, Foreman Horace Au, General Superintendent Nate Gamble, Apprentice Luis Miranda, General Foreman Chris Shore, Apprentice Allen Truong, Apprentice Thomas Wen, Kneeling – Journeyman Julio Segura