Southern California

Southern California employees celebrated the holidays at Anaheim Convention Center. More than 700 employees were in attendance to celebrate another successful year at PPM!

One of the most rewarding traditions at our annual Holiday Luncheon is the Employee Longevity Awards. Southern California had a record breaking 70 employees receiving their 5 year award! Thank you and congratulations to all of our loyal employees who are committed to making Pan-Pacific a wonderful place to work.

SoCal Awards
5 Years
Alexis Rodriguez, Brandon Gee, Chris Chassagne, Clinton Gehres, Dan King, Dave Brooks, David Hickman, David Radosevich, Dave Rauls, David Sohl, Efren Martinez, Jerry Duncan, Jerry Tellez, Jessie Silva, Jimmy Loyd, Joe Adelizzi, Joe Sergi, John Yada, Jon Kim, Juan Morales, Juan Trevino, Justin Salazar, Karah Wilson, Kris Bryan, Kyle Sandquist, Mahmood Tahir, Manfredo Choto, Manny Garcia, Mario Santilli, Matt Monaco, Michael Corral, Mike Colucci, Mike Nemecek, Mina Buckner, Oscar Hernandez, RaeLynn Galindo, Ralph Rampley, Ricardo Flores, Robert Jones, Robert Todd, Rose Edquid, Ruben Tellez, Servando Hernandez, Shane Connolly, Stephanie Mouradian, Steven Reyes

7 Years
Alp Aydin, Amy Gilmore, Andy Laviolette, April Seng, Ashley Stewart, Brittany Brubaker, Carl Wisdom, Carlos Rapalo, Chris Insalaco, Chris Macias, Christian Hite, Dan Ortiz, Dillon Kuhlman, Doug Earle, Emidio Cazarez, Enrique Fonseca, Gerry Kennon, Greg Kelly, Hans Gabriel, Hector Delgado, Jon Edmiston, Jose Ayala, Kevin Falzone, Larry Montes, Miguel Navarrete, Mike Urias Jr., Mike Gray, Mike Marchetti, Oscar Mercado, Ryan Boughey, Tim Kaliher, Tom Pelonero

10 Years
Danny Hensley, Dave Fredericksen, Drew Smith, Gilbert Alcaraz, Jonathan Craft, Jose Reyes, Lady Garabedian, Melissa Glendinning, Pedro Nido, Sam Hernandez, Tim Norwood

15 Years
Adrian Nunez, Amado Carrasco, Brian Mayer, Erik Roth, JR Martinez

20 Years
Dave Fawcett, Joe Marquez, Mario Cabanas, Mike Lewis

25 Years
Dan Medaris, Reed McMackin

Alp Aydin, Claude Yocky, Josh Rios


The PPM MVP is an annual award given to an individual or individuals that have shown outstanding performance during the year. It’s always a tough decision - our company has people who could win the award year after year, as well as those who have put in tremendous effort that have yet to receive recognition.

Bringing home the Most Valuable Player award for 2019 were Hawaii employees, Zac Augustiro and Max Peterson. Southern California award winners were Alp Aydin, Claude Yocky and Josh Rios. Representing Northern California were Gary Grant and Mike Meyer. Congratulations to each of the 2019 award recipients!

Hawaii Awards
5 Years
Farron Brown

7 Years
Jeremy Rich

Zac Augustiro, Max Peterson

Northern California

Pan-Pacific hosted its 2019 Holiday Luncheon at our new office in Fremont, CA. Opening our doors just after the new year, employees were able to take a sneak peek at the new location and toast to our upcoming establishment. Annual Longevity Awards were presented to our long-standing employees in the Bay Area. 2020 marks ten years since Pan-Pacific has opened offices in Northern California and our number of Norcal Longevity Awards is growing substantially each year. MVP Awards were presented to Foremen Mike Meyer and General Foreman Gary Grant. Thank you and congratulations to each of this year’s award winners.

NorCal Awards
5 Years
Benny Lucero, Cameron Bass, Chris Shore, Dean Hartmann, Efrem Urie, Gene Galpin, Jared Jacobs, Jeff Hendricks, Lake Culpepper, Lorenzo Alvarez, Matt Eves, Pierre Plantinga, Randy Oregon, Richard Buxton, Rob Barrett, Robby Anderson, Scott Taylor, Stephen Miller, Thomas Del Sarto, Tom Doody, Trent Eves, Zerlina Bettencourt

7 Years
Alex Seminario, Andrew Silber, Dan Santo, Gino Arsento, Keith Fitzpatrick, Keith Fuentez, Maria Neto, Mike Meyer, Philipp Ilagan, Randy Wurth, Rasim Velic, Tom Tredway, Victor Hurtado

10 Years
Matt Vincent

Mike Meyer, Gary Grant