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    UCLA Teaching and Learning Center for Health Sciences

    Los Angeles, CA

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The UCLA Teaching and Learning Center for Health Sciences is the newest addition to a string of improvements at University of California, Los Angeles. This six-story project, approximately 120,000 gsf, cast-in-place concrete building, contains learning and support spaces including formal learning rooms, informal learning spaces, common areas, student amenities and administrative offices. The formal learning rooms include a 220-seat lecture hall, two 200-seat multipurpose rooms, case study rooms, teaching labs, problem based learning rooms and seminar rooms.

The scope of the work includes relocation of and connections to campus utilities, provision of building systems, provision of life safety systems, provision of a communications vault and conduit, roadway reconfigurations as well as landscape and hardscape improvements.

Pan-Pacific Mechanical was responsible for the domestic plumbing systems, such as domestic hot & cold, sanitary waste & vent, storm drain, irrigation, gas and all related equipment.

Pan-Pacific performed Fuel Oil work at the UCLA campus demoing and removing the existing underground storage tanks. An above ground belly tank was installed to supply the campus generators. Once PPM began the demo and digging process, they discovered three additional existing 20-year-old tanks filled with slurry that had to be removed increasing the scope of work.