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    UCLA Neuroscience Research Building

    Los Angeles, CA


The UCLA Neurosciences building consisting of a 5-story over a basement with biological sciences including wet and dry labs, classrooms and a dedicated vivarium all constructed within an operating university.

The Neurosciences building has 3-floors of vivarium with dedicated animal watering. These floors had to have positive protection from outside contamination including insects, groundwater and vapor born contaminates. All deck and wall penetrations also needed positive protection from outside elements.

Principals of sustainability included water saving faucets throughout the facility, water saving showers in the locker room, and sensor flush valves. Project collaboration conducted in 3D modeling using Auto CAD.

Each wet and dry laboratory is designed to adapt to a wide variety of research needs, procedures and/or innovations. The AIA award-winning facility includes generic wet laboratories to house neuroscience and genetic research, support space, staff and research offices and instructional and public spaces. The lab spaces allow for interaction among researchers, including interdisciplinary research with a team approach. The lab provides a series of building connections to adjacent laboratory and vivarium and parking facilities, enhancing the future possibility of collaborative research.