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    UCI Replacement Hospital

    Irvine, CA


The UCI Replacement Hospital was built in two phases, both of which involved the workforce from Pan-Pacific Plumbing. In the first phase we built a 7-story over basement complete stand-alone hospital with 236 patient beds (including ICU, CCU and burn unit), 15 operating rooms, 2 cardiac cath units, autopsy, clinical lab and main kitchen that serves the entire medical campus.

In Phase 2, which began after the hospital opened, we built out shell spaces including 42 patient beds, 4 operating rooms, radiology department, MRI, CT scan, Angio and PACU unit.

Because of the successful Design-Build delivery of this hospital we were able to complete the project ahead of schedule. Additionally, enough money was saved through construction to complete the shelled spaces (Phase 2) and build a four-story research laboratory next door.

We utilized 3D CAD and BIM for coordination and then we utilized these drawings to develop our pre-fabrication drawings. This allowed us to save time and reduce manpower in the field.