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    UCI Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Building

    Irvine, CA


The UCI Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Building is conceived as a catalyst for research innovation as well as a new model of cross-disciplinary collaboration. The six-story, 204,750 square-foot facility will set a new standard for the future of research programs at UCI. Every aspect of the building’s design is conceived to optimize research functionality, foster social performance, and enrich the overall campus experience.

Each facade of the building responds to its specific environmental conditions, optimizing daylighting, internal comfort and energy effciency. The project is targeting LEED Platinum certification, and the design incorporates several features that meet sustainable programs that go beyond LEED, including the Well Building Standard, UCI Smart Labs Initiative, and Labs 21 enhancements.

This project is comprised of assignable wet labs, dry labs, and faculty offices that will be dedicated to various research groups. Each lab has an independent High Purity Stainless Steel system that allows the use of different specialty gasses based on the need of the research. Wet Labs include utilities such as Compressed Air, Vacuum, RODI water, Industrial Hot & Cold Water, Cooling Water, and Specialty Gas. 

Pan-Pacific Mechanical is responsible for the plumbing scope on this project including domestic plumbing systems such as domestic hot & cold, sanitary waste & vent, storm drain, irrigation, gas and all related equipment.