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    UCB Bowles Hall

    Berkeley, CA


Originally constructed in 1928, Bowles Hall is the first residence hall on the UC Berkeley campus. This 57,000 GSF co-ed student dormitory underwent major renovation, removing interior walls and fixtures on the residential floors, and adding one & two-person apartment suite units. Additionally, a 4,200 square-foot mixed-use space was constructed to contain a game room, back-of-house kitchen area, loading dock, and mechanical rooms. Pan-Pacific Mechanical performed the plumbing for this site.

Bowles Hall is a historical building and additional care and planning was required as trades needed to work around certain architectural trim pieces in the remodel that were to remain. With BIM not being utilized, several conficts on the project could have been avoided by practicing the BIM model, and Pan-Pacific Mechanical always recommends this practice. Nevertheless, we were able to work around the logistical and coordination issues and complete the job on schedule.