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    Moffitt Library

    Berkeley, CA


UC Berkeley's Mofitt Library is a five-story learning facility in the center of the UC Berkeley campus. The fourth and fifth floor renovations project aims to accommodate an increasingly technological campus and provide students with a more suitable learning environment. Of the many changes to take place, the library will introduce new 24-hour and food-friendly policies and will create a more open studying space with more than 500 new meeting and conference areas.

One of the challenges in building a learning facility is inhibiting sound transmission from plumbing and mechanical systems. PPM worked closely with the design team and it’s consultants utilizing the most effective products ensuring a productive and creative learning environment.

Another unique challenge in higher education building is that the majority of all projects are on active campuses. Working in and around the student population while connecting to the campus infrastructure was a major challenge at Mofitt. Our site staff and safety team worked diligently with campus engineering and Turner Construction to ensure that the learning process went uninterrupted for students.