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    The Forum Renovation

    Inglewood, CA

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A revitalized Forum provides an economic lift to Inglewood. Over the next 30 years, it is estimated that the economic impact will be more than $1.4 billion. Construction will bring more than 320 full-time jobs, and 120 Inglewood residents are already working on the project. The renovated Forum has 8,000 square feet of new hospitality space, with concessions and places to buy souvenirs. Visitors will also get to sit in red theater seats and gaze up at a “star-filled” LED ceiling. The renovations will expand the capabilities of the Forum for concerts and events. This project consisted of a large kitchen, multiple concessions, restrooms, and banquet facilities. Pan-Pacific was challenged with the integration of a new design and existing systems. All while adhering to the tight time constraint of the construction schedule.