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    Stanford Hospital

    Stanford, CA


The Stanford hospital has 600 beds, 368 private rooms, 28 operating rooms, a Technology Floor with 28 interventional platforms combining surgical, interventional and advanced imaging services, a 40,000 sf imaging center and a 37,000 sf Emergency Department. Additional features include an iMRI room, image-guided procedure rooms, PACU, Prep/recovery rooms and two intensive care units with a surgical focus, a 16,400 SF kitchen, a 9,700 SF retail cafeteria seating 270 and a 5,000 SF restaurant style dining for 100 people.

The Stanford Fuel Oil project was a design-assist effort by our in-house fuel oil specialist, working alongside one of the largest engineering firms in California. Pan-Pacific was one of the first contractors on site, and understood that because we were designing early, we would need to be flexible in our design and use strong communication with the Owner in order to successfully accommodate the many changes throughout the project’s lengthy life span. In fact, our installation area changed several times during the project. But through our adaptability we were ready for Owner-initiated changes. Stanford’s Fuel Oil scope included two 40,000 gallon fuel oil tanks, six day tanks to support the hospital’s five generators, and one Thermal Heating Skid. The 80,000 gallon capacity can supply the generators for a run time of 96 hours.

Pan-Pacific performed Fuel Oil work on the project installing two 40,000 gallon underground fuel tanks. The fuel scope included monitoring, installation of multiple transition sumps, heavy controls, a Master Control Panel and fuel filters for each tank.