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    Kaiser Permanente Zion

    San Diego, CA

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In 2011, construction and renovation began on $150 million the Kaiser Permanente San Diego Medical Center project. With its focus on maternal/child area upgrades, Kaiser Permanente plans to add private patient rooms, including antepartum and postpartum care, and the neonatal intensive care unit.

Aging and much in need of repair, Kaiser Permanente Zion has fully committed to revitalizing its infrastructure. In order to maintain its normal operation and safeguard the required sterile environment, Pan-Pacific and Whiting-Turner have planned a careful schedule that will last over five years to ensure the successful remediation of critical facilities. Pan-Pacific’s contribution to the modernization of the hospital will be comprised of approximately 26 separate OSHPD permits throughout the 392-bed hospital.

Kaiser Permanente’s San Diego Medical Center has also been building its reputation. It has recently been recognized as a Baby Friendly Hospital by Baby-Friendly USA Inc., a global program sponsored by the World Health Organization and UNICEF.

Pan-Pacific performed Fuel Oil work on the project installing an underground fuel tank. The fuel scope included monitoring, installation of multiple transition sumps, heavy controls, a Master Control Panel and fuel filters for the tank.