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    Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa- Huntington Beach, CA


Hyatt on the sand in Huntington Beach is an impressive 4-star luxury Design-Build project with over 500 rooms, a world-class spa, banquet facilities, lobby, four kitchens, theme restaurants and room service area.

Pan-Pacific was a late addition to the project arriving a year after the other trades, putting us seriously behind in the design schedule. However, because of our extensive experience with resort projects, we were able to recover the time lost and maintain the construction schedule without a hitch assuring a timely completion of the project.

The project had multiple issues to stay in compliance with the Coastal Commission and because of its location next to an environmentally sensitive wetlands area. Since the completion of the project, we have maintained a close relationship with the facility operators to help the Owners with their goal to maintain an eco-friendly relationship with their community and its environment.