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    Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles

    Los Angeles, CA


The West Los Angeles facility is one of the busiest facilities within the Kaiser Permanente chain of hospitals. This ground-up, seismic replacement hospital was one of the first to comply with Senate Bill 1953.

This 560,000 square foot medical center has 306 licensed beds with 15,000 square feet of laboratory facilities, an 8,500 square foot Emergency Room with 20 beds and eight operating rooms with full telemetry medical surgery units. There are also three C-section rooms in the Labor & Delivery area and eight NICU / ICU rooms.

Pan-Pacific performed Fuel Oil work on the project installing a Pressure Line Leak Detection (PLLD) system to perform precision leak testing at full pressure. PPM designed a program for Kaiser to apply to their existing systems that utilizes code and helps detect catastrophic leaks. Should a leak be detected at a pre-set pressure threshold, the system would shutoff power to the Submersible Turbine Pump (STP) and notify the site operator minimizing environmental damage and preventing a public safety issue. Pan-Pacific’s system includes permitting with local agencies, OSHPD coordination, overall install wiring and interconnecting panels on specific sites.

Pan-Pacific’s attention to detail and leadership through innovation was a key component to helping McCarthy deliver on Kaiser Permanente’s expectations and earned us return visits for additional projects on this campus.