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    CSUDH Student Housing

    Carson, CA


The new CSUDH University Housing is a residence complex made up of 22 two-story apartment buildings, 1 four-story residence hall, and 3 common buildings. The residence complex has a total of 334 rooms that offer double, triple and quadruple occupancy options.

PPM furnished and installed 227 fan coil units (Williams, Daiken & Price), 13 exhaust fans, one Enervex dryer exhaust system and an independent building HHW system including two Raypak boilers, two Bell & Gossett HHW pumps and one Bell & Gossett expansion tank & air separator.

PPM plumbing furnished and installed and additional 99 water closets, 81 lavatories, 8 sinks, 9 drinking fountains, 6 gas fired water heaters and two electric water heaters.

Multi-trade fabrication was coordinated in the PPM Fabrication Shop for the caged FCU’s on the project including a combination of the following trades working in conjunction with each other:

• Sheet Metal (PPM) – Cage construction, supply & air taps

• Mechanical Pipe (PPM) – CHW/HHW pipe and coil kit install

• Plumbing (PPM) – Condensate pump and pipe install

• Controls (JCI) – Controllers mounted to units, supply and return air sensors installed

• Insulation (PCI) – CHW/HHW pipe insulated

• Electrician (ILB) – Project electrician installed electrical outlet and conduit for units with condensate units. Electrician prewired conduit for each FCU.

• Inspections – The project IOR was present and performed material & equipment ID and witnessed hydronic pressure testing

• Mechanical Engineer (tk1sc) – Present to observe the units through the process

• Quality Control – Each unit was tagged with the required project spec’d equipment label. Each valve was tagged with brass valve tag and documented onto the project valve schedule. Each process of the fabrication was dated and signed off. Each unit is being shipped with the units sign off sheet for project record.

• Start-Up (PPM) – A finished caged unit was started up with temp power so that the MEOR could hear the unit run in the cage