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    Thousand Oaks, CA

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Just north of Malibu and nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains, the city of Thousand Oaks is the home of Amgen’s global headquarters. The Thousand Oaks campus has a footprint of approximately 194 acres, 45 buildings and 4 million square feet of office space, corporate and senior leadership, research and development operations and manufacturing together with ample landscaped outdoor space.

Pan-Pacific is proud to have been on the team during the construction of various FDA licensed and validated facilities, laboratories/research/QAQC buildings and support buildings throughout the Amgen campus.

Through our long-standing relationship with Amgen, Pan-Pacific was called upon to assist with problem solving on many difficult projects.

Building 20 – Alternative Dosage Form Facility

In the early 1990s, Amgen recognized that their sales were limited due to a lack of flexibility in their drug delivery methods.  The requirement to expand gave rise to the need for Building 20.  Building 20 provided two fill suites for creating deliverable methods of their drugs turning the raw product into multiple packageable forms.   Amgen brought this dream to a group of contractors including Pan-Pacific and tasked us with creating a building and system that could help them in their desire to grow.

Through our cooperation and collaboration with other trades and vendors we were able to create a building that achieved the Owner’s needs and we did it in such as way that we delivered the facility 60 days early allowing Amgen to package enough product to pay for the building in that time frame.

Building 23 – Clinical Manufacturing

The Clinical Manufacturing facility won Project of the Year and Pan-Pacific was proud to be a part of it.  Many new challenges were issued to Pan-Pacific and we enjoyed overcoming each one of them.  Challenges faced and overcome included working with a contractor unfamiliar with the intricacies of a clinical manufacturing facility and using new concepts in construction which today we would call IPD.  But perhaps the biggest challenge came half-way through the project when the Owner discovered a deficiency in the critical systems of the building tasking us with finding a solution.  As a total mechanical project for Pan-Pacific we were the lead subcontractor providing the critical path and critical systems to the success of this building.  We were able to engineer a solution to this deficiency and meet the needs of the Owner with no time extension.

Building 14 – Research Facility

Through our diligence on this fast-tracked research facility, we discovered a number of systems that were missing from the drawings.  We become part of the solution by finding ways to address the addition of these systems into a constructed building, as well as identifying acceptable installation procedures that achieved the Owner’s requirements.  To meet these discovered challenges we used our innovation and collaboration with our trusted vendors to meet the ever-changing needs.  For example, we redesigned the single planned DI system into six separate and independent DI systems which allowed for the intended delivery of the DI water.  In another instance we discovered a way to deliver nitrogen at various pressures throughout the building by suggesting individual regulators at each outlet.  All of these challenges resulted in over 750 changes orders which we were able to complete without time extensions.