While women represent only a fraction of the construction industry workforce, Pan-Pacific is proud to have employed a significant number of women over the last 73 years. For every 100 employees in the field, there is one trades woman. Considering that women make up 47% of all employed individuals, this means that the construction industry is employing approximately 1.25% of the total female workforce.

Despite the small numbers, women continue to build their path in the industry. With a growing number of women breaking through the gendered norms and leveling the playing field, the industry is becoming a more diverse and inclusive space for future generations. We are excited to highlight some of the women who are currently working in the field at Pan-Pacific.

Aileah Olanolan

Ailea Olanolan began working for Pan-Pacific Hawai‘i in February of 2019. She has been a union plumbing apprentice since 2015. Ailea is currently working at the Honolulu Airport Extension.

Ieasha Harbor

Ieasha Harbor is currently working on the San Jose Regional Medical Center. She joined Pan-Pacific earlier this year.

Carol Yamamoto

Carol Yamamoto also works out of our Hawai‘i office. She started at the beginning of the year.

Kimberly Sato

Kimberly Sato works in our Hawai‘i Shop. She has been with Pan-Pacific for just over a year, but has been in the trade for 7 years and is a 5th year apprentice.

Breanna Schwartz

Breanna Schwartz is a fifth year apprentice who works in our Hawai‘i shop. She started working in the trade when she was only 18 years old, and has been with Pan-Pacific for a year and a half.