Our Services

Pan-Pacific’s Preconstruction services are headed by a team of experts with LEED certifications, BIM/3D CAD proficiency and Big Room experience. This team offers Owners and Contractors expert advice in construction means and methods and sustainability issues.

The identification of constructability issues is one of Preconstruction’s primary objectives. The department takes great pride in keeping projects on track while adding value, ensuring the best possible outcome from the very beginning.

Our expertise and experience allows us the flexibility to meet the unique needs and challenges of a wide variety of construction projects. Despite the type of project, Preconstruction focuses on the client’s specific needs and our team offers consistent, detailed, accurate and progressive processes allowing clients to make informed decisions to maximize their project’s potential.

We offer a host of Preconstruction services including LEED certification suggestions, U.S. Green Building Council practices and IPD/Lean Construction services. No matter what the Owner’s goal is for the project, we can offer a synergistic effort to meet that goal and exceed the Owner’s expectations.


The Stockton Prison was one of Pan-Pacific's Successful design-build projects

Stockton Prison – Stockton, CA

Pan-Pacific’s Design-Build process ensures that each project receives our considerable construction experience in designing to function. Our relationships with industry vendors provide us with cutting edge products and practices which assures an up-to-date design.

Design-Build also provides the Owner with more timely responses to RFIs, design concerns and alternative method proposals. As the design professional we essentially eliminate design changes and provide increased accountability which leads to improved budget control. All of these elements add value to the Owner’s project and reduce the overall construction cost.





Stanford Hospital Conceptual drawing

Stanford Hospital – Palo Alto, CA

Pan-Pacific’s Design-Assist approach enables the Architect/Engineer to maintain design review authority while allowing us to add in our own touches to ensure constructability and compliance with local codes and standards.

While incorporating many of the beneficial aspects of Design-Build, Design-Assist provides the Owner a greater level of security by keeping the Architect/Engineer in overall control of the design. Additionally, Pan-Pacific’s Design-Assist team can recover precious time by assisting the Engineer of Record with the local administrative authorities.




Bim 3D Design Technical drawing

Bim 3D Design

Pan-Pacific employs over 45 BIM/3D CAD proficient detailers. Through their capable services, we offer 3D Design and Coordination and NavisWorks Collision Detection. With 3D Design the Owner can see the project virtually to ensure the adequacy of design before problems are encountered in construction. This allows the Owner to visualize the functionality of high-traffic areas and to verify efficient utilization of available floor space.

Through our extensive experience with BIM/3D CAD we can offer additional cost-saving services such as Trimble Unit layout which integrates with the 3D CAD program. The Trimble Unit allows Pan-Pacific to take advantage of laser-pinpoint accurate layouts reducing the time and manpower typically required in conventional methods.

Moreover, our BIM/3D CAD program allows us to create our shop drawings for Prefabrication with incredible precision.



PrefabricationPrefabrication drawings are created through the use of our BIM/3D CAD design/coordination process.

Pan-Pacific’s Prefabrication helps to control costs in many ways which we pass on to our customers. For example, Prefabrication provides a controlled environment which allows for assembly-line efficiencies for production.

Our warehouse environment enhances quality control through the greater accessibility to project and executive supervision and it lessons the time required for scope issues and problem resolution.

These benefits contribute to perhaps the most important element of Prefabrication which is to reduce the required manpower at the jobsite. Reduction of manpower eases congestion, reduces trash generated and promotes a safer environment for all trades. The overall effect of Pan-Pacific’s Prefabrication is a reduction of cost to the Owner.