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Superior Design

Pan-Pacific is on the leading edge of technology and how it is applied to construction. We were one of the first contractors to fully embrace building information modeling and the benefits that this practice can provide. We have more than 70 BIM operators and 20 Trimble total station units. This alone represents over a $2 million dollar investment in construction specific technology. In addition, we are constantly seeking out new uses for the technology tools in the industry.

one less trade to worry about

our BIM department

Pan-Pacific’s Preconstruction services are headed by a team of experts with LEED certifications, BIM/3D CAD proficiency and Big Room experience. This team offers Owners and Contractors expert advice in construction means and methods and sustainability issues. The identification of constructability issues is one of Preconstruction’s primary objectives. The department takes great pride in keeping projects on track while adding value, ensuring the best possible outcome from the very beginning.

  • LEED Compliance
  • Over 62 Detailers
  • Big Room Experience
  • BIM Preconstruction Planning
  • BIM Prefabrication Planning
  • Consulting Options Available
  • Preconstruction Services
  • Prefabrication Services
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Best-in-Class Capabilities


Pan-Pacific prefabricates nearly everything in-house for our projects, often collaborating with other subcontractors to add efficiencies. Our prefab process makes material ready for installation within minutes of its delivery on-site minimizing field labor, storage and waste while keeping the assemblies in a controlled environment to promote safety, enhance quality control, reduce costs and increase the overall productivity.

innovative use of bluebeam

In 2014, Pan-Pacific Mechanical won the Bluebeam eXtreme Award for Innovative use of the program. On the Wilshire Grand Project, Pan-Pacific created a way to stream-line building color composite drawings using the power of Studio and the process is now being used on many high-profile projects such as LA Rams Stadium. This process has proven to save over 2,000 man hours on previous projects. Since then, Pan-Pacific has pushed to integrate the program company-wide including housing all field deliverables into studio projects which can be accessed from our IPAD’s in the field. After fully integrating Bluebeam Studio API into our Internal Scheduling Portal, we have taken our Bluebeam Revu game to the next level. This past year, we trained nearly 200 of our Field and Office staff on the program streamlining workflows and really leveraging the best of the program in all departments across the company.

Virtual Preconstruction

Our detailers create 3D drawings with a high level of accuracy allowing our model to be a direct reflection of what is installed in field using the most advanced modeling tools available. The entire project is modeled using the specifications and the materials required for the project. The same 3D shop drawings that create the model are used use to coordinate fabrication, installation and eventually turnover. At the completion of the project the owner will have peace of mind knowing the documents they receive are exactly what was installed and feel confident in giving those drawings to the operations and maintenance personnel.

Our Tools & Technology
  • AutoCAD 2D
  • AutoCAD Fabrication MEP
  • Navisworks
  • Trimble
  • LEED Online
  • Energy Pro
  • Trace
  • Bluebeam/Extreme/Studio
  • Mobile Field Access
We received formal recognition from Bluebeam for innovative use.

pan-pacific academy

At Pan-Pacific, we encourage and support active learning for all of our employees. Our BIM department spends considerable time on training with the goal of keeping ahead of the ever changing advancements in technology and methodology.