• Address: 7025 E Parkcrest St Long Beach, CA 90808

Designed to serve about 1,000 students, the 150,000 square foot high school has 43 classrooms in seven buildings surrounding a campus promenade. The thematic curriculum provides an innovative program introducing 9th – 12th grade students to academic and technical experiences.

The administration building/library, science building, two multi-story classroom buildings, gymnasium, lecture hall and food services facility will all have high-tech, energy efficient and flexible features to support student learning and success.

Pan-Pacific installed domestic water systems, as well as waste and storm systems. Key sustainable components of this project included:

  • Reclaimed water for campus irrigation.
  • High-efficiency plumbing fixtures to conserve water.
  • Storm water allowed to percolate into the play fields for groundwater regeneration and cleansing instead of directly entering the public storm drain system.
  • High-efficiency building insulation to reduce heating and cooling demands.
  • Operable windows to conserve energy and take advantage of mild-weather days.
  • High-efficiency light fixtures equipped with sensors to maximize natural light.
  • Recycled, low- and no-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) materials specified.
  • Recycling of 70% of construction and demolition debris.
  • Designed to be Photovoltaic (PV)-ready (solar power capable).
  • Buildings oriented to take advantage of northern daylight.

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