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    Martin Luther King, Jr. Inpatient Center

    Los Angeles, CA


The Martin Luther King Jr. Medical Center – Inpatient Tower Renovation Project, located on the existing MLK Medical Center campus is a 194,000 square foot building with five-stories plus a basement. It was renovated to hold 120 patient beds together with essential hospital services.

Pan-Pacific worked with a $12 million dollar budget to complete the Medical Center’s needs. These include emergency department, inpatient pharmacy, radiology, operating rooms, central sterilization, and support functions. The basement level was completely remodeled to provide for materials management, waste management, and a kitchen.

Pan-Pacific helped MLK in exceeding their project goals to hire 20% work force as local hires (combined primary residents within a 5-mile radius and secondary residents living in a economically depressed area of LA County) and 10% disadvantaged workers (unemployed for an extended amount of time, single parents, etc.) Final numbers gave MLK a 64% local hire number, and Pan-Pacific employed over 30% of its labor in the disadvantaged workers category, exceeding project goals by 20%.

Additional efforts were made by Pan-Pacific to provide more than 27% of its contract value in Los Angeles County Small Business enterprises in an effort to help the local economy and promote the economic development in the area.

Pan-Pacific also performed Fuel Oil work on the project installing two 20,000 gallon underground fuel tanks. The fuel scope included monitoring, installation of multiple transition sumps, heavy controls, a Master Control Panel and fuel filters for each tank.