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    UCSF Center for Vision Nueroscience

    San Francisco, CA


Located at the southeast corner of the UCSF Mission Bay East Campus, Block 33/34 will function as a southern gateway to the Mission Bay Campus and be home to existing and new research and clinical departments for cutting edge Oncology development.

UCSF Center for Vision Nueroscience will thoughtfully express the University’s identity and urban presence in a way that reinforces UCSF’s mission of healthcare, healing, teaching and learning, discovery.

Pan-Pacific performed the plumbing scope of work for the six-story OSHPD 3 MOB and 13-story office tower including Medical Gas and Fuel Oil for an Emergency Generator.

Phase 1 design elements include one new building with two components, The Center for Vision Neuroscience and the Academic and Administrative Office Block. The design must create a distinct architectural and functional identity for the Center for Vision Neuroscience within this bimodal structure.