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    San Mateo County Maple Street Correctional Center

    Redwood City, CA

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The new jail construction is officially under way for San Mateo County’s Maple Street Correctional Center. The center promises to be a new breed of jail that offers inmates a wide variety of programming designed to better transition offenders back into society after their sentences are complete. It will contain inmate programming options including a culinary training kitchen, a dog training program and de-centralized computer labs on the individual inmate pods.

The new correctional center is located on a five-acre site in Redwood City. The 260,000 square foot jail has a projected cost of $160 million and is expected to be completed in 2015. It will include a full service kitchen, laundry, clinic, and video visitation. The center will initially have 576 beds (including 88 non-secure transitional beds) with the capacity to be expanded to 832 beds.

The Maple Street Complex Facility houses the Women’s Correctional Center, also known as the women’s jail, and the Men’s and Women’s Transitional Facilities. It provides incarceration / rehabilitative services for pretrial and court-sentenced inmates.