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    Roche Project Unity

    Santa Clara, CA


Roche Holding AG, the world’s number one bio-tech company, is adding to its facilities with a new tenant improvement project in Santa Clara which includes office, lab and R&D space.

Working with DPR Construction, Pan-Pacific installed the HVAC, Plumbing and Process Piping systems.

Installed systems included:

• Process Piping Systems - CDA, DI/RO Water, Nitrogen, Glycol Chilled Water and Lab Waste

• GMP Lab Space - Validated, single-pass 100% OSA and process/lab exhaust with “n+1” redundancy

• Custom Industrial AHU and Lab Exhaust Systems

• Office and R&D space

On the cutting edge of personalized healthcare, Roche uses biosequencing to design pharmaceuticals targeted to specific patients, and is a leader in cancer treatments and in vitro diagnostics.