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    Oceanwide Center

    San Francisco, CA


Oceanwide Center is a mixed-use high rise in the heart of San Francisco with a hotel, residence and an office building within two towers occupying an overall square footage of roughly 2.1 million square feet.

Tower One will be a staggering 63-stories high with a beautiful garden terrace and penthouse on top. Tower Two is just as impressive with 55 stories and a rooftop pool deck to serve the condominiums below. The two towers will also contain office and hotel spaces.

Pan-Pacific is responsible for the plumbing scope on this project. Our mat slab includes more than a 1,000 square feet of horizontal piping coordinated with all trades including an ample amount of rebar for smooth and safe installation. The building has a very unique facade with its crystalline structure that will stand alone in the skyline.

Pan-Pacific is also responsible for the Fuel Oil work on the project, installing above ground large storage belly tanks with remote fill capabilities to supply the facility generators. The fuel scope included monitoring, installing multiple filter panels, duplex pumping systems and day tanks.