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    Marina Pointe Luxury Condominiums

    Marina del Rey, CA

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Pan-Pacific was involved with the construction of two of Marina Pointe’s Luxury Condominiums.  We helped build The Azzurra with Swinerton completed in 2003 and later we built The Cove with Webcor which completed in 2005.

These Design-Build projects were for 19-story and 15-story high-rise residential towers.   The crowded worksites in Marina del Rey, near the harbor, had accessibility, parking and material delivery and lay down issues which we overcame through our forward thinking and precise planning.

These residential projects are excellent examples of Pan-Pacific’s ability to work well as part of a team, bring value-engineering concepts to Owners to control costs and provide excellent service through the course of construction in a multitude of demanding and difficult situations.

Marina Pointe’s Luxury Condominiums towers changed the skyline in Marina del Rey and we were proud participants of this exciting endeavor.