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    Tom Bradley International Terminal


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  LAX is undergoing a multi-billion dollar upgrade and Pan-Pacific is proud to be a part of the largest private construction project in the history of the City of Los Angeles. The New Tom Bradley International Terminal will allow for larger jets, such as the Airbus A380, to land safely at the 6th largest airport in the world. The New Terminal is also striving for a LEED-EB Silver certification which will make it the first renovation project at a US Airport to receive this prestigious certification. This project is complicated by its massive size – from the North Gates through the Core to the South Gates, the project is over half a mile long, over 1.25 million square feet – and rigid badging and security requirements. With our peak workforce at over 120 plumbers, Pan-Pacific found a way to keep the job running smoothly while laying over a million feet of pipe and meeting the hard schedule a public job demands. Along with the usual plumbing that goes into any project, LAX required 6 aircraft-rated grease interceptors to be installed. These interceptors are sturdy enough to allow aircraft to drive over them without damage. In the Core section of the project, over 90 different food venues are being planned and we are preparing for each venue with their own water and waste. A massive project such as this requires a plumber who can get it done safely and on-time. Pan-Pacific is that plumber.