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    Middle School #3

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LAUSD Middle School #3 in Los Angeles was a demanding job requiring coordination with many different public agencies.  Coordination was required between Pan-Pacific, Los Angeles MetroLink and Public Works Engineers to keep this project running smoothly.

This project required four street tie-ins to existing utilities, two of which were on a very busy street requiring additional vigilance, traffic control and coordination.  The trenches exceeded 16 feet in depth in some areas and shoring along with Underground Service Alerts, were mandatory.  These tie-ins included a 54” storm drain tie in and a 30” sewer tie in.

Pan-Pacific Plumbing has a strong reputation in site utilities plumbing, an often difficult and dangerous line of work.  Our safety record speaks volumes about our ability to perform this specific task as our site utility crew has had no accidents in over 8 years.

It was on this project that our Site Utilities Superintendant helped create a new city standard specification for sewer tie-ins which allow for a clay lateral to connect to a ductile main.  Not only do we have a strong and knowledgeable crew, but we are proactive in making our site utilities division better every day.

Pan-Pacific is proud of the excellent reputation we have earned working on many LAUSD projects. LAUSD has been a repeat customer of Pan-Pacific because of our ability to fulfill their needs at competitive pricing.