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    Beverly Hills Hotel

    Beverly Hills, CA

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Since its opening in 1912, the “Pink Palace” has been a landmark in Beverly Hills, CA.  The 12-acre campus has over 250 guest rooms including 21 spectacular Bungalows.  The resort is home to the world famous Polo Lounge restaurant, a relaxing spa and many other facilities that every movie star needs!

In the main building, Pan-Pacific replaced every piece of pipe above and below ground.  The renovation was a challenging Design-Assist project which included an update of all existing plumbing fixtures and piping. The main challenge was to fit more and larger piping inside the ceilings without any increase to the height of the building because of its historical landmark status. Intense coordination with all trades was imperative.

The success of the renovation of the main building led to a redesign and renovation of the existing Bungalows.  Pan-Pacific was one of the few subcontractors to be asked to continue on the project as the Bungalow renovation began. We utilized Design-Build during the renovation to take advantage of our experience and improve installation to ensure a smooth and timely completion of the project.