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    Irvine, CA


The B|Braun projects were essentially two projects wrapped into one: Line I and Weigh Mix. Both projects combined were located within a 52,000 square foot (approximately) existing and operating building. The Line I area contributed to the contribution of validated devices such as IV bags and solutions. The Weigh Mix project was an upgrade of the mechanical room for the existing facility.

Both areas required the handling of hot aggressive fluids. The solution was a CPVP waste system. The Line I area discharged into a new 9000 gallon fiberglass tank. Downstream of this tank was a 15 foot deep flume complete with a flow meter and sampling device to analyze both the quantity and pH of the water being discharged. Pan-Pacific installed both these items. Both Weigh Mix and Line I had clean room areas that required observance of B|Braun’s clean room protocol.