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    300 Grant

    San Francisco, CA


300 Grant will be a new 70,000 square foot, 6-story building in Union Square constructed for retail and office space. The project includes demolition of existing building and excavation for construction of basement level and will be the first ground-up development in Union Square this century. When complete, the one of a kind corner location in San Francisco’s famous shopping district will offer 4 levels of premier retail space and 3 levels of office space. The mechanical system that Pan Pacific designed and built includes a rooftop air conditioning unit capable of performing 115 tons of cooling, an energy recovery ventilator which allows for nearly 17 kW per hour of energy savings, and a condenser water loop with a tempering boiler to accommodate for those cold foggy San Francisco days.

Pan-Pacific will perform Fuel Oil work on the project which includes a remote fill system to an existing belly tank and vent system.