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    LAX Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facility

    Los Angeles, CA


Pan-Pacific’s Fuel Oil Division is taking part in LAX’s Consolidated Rent-A-Car facility, set to be the world’s largest gas station with a record breaking 186 fueling dispensers. The project involves the development of a new facility that will consolidate the operations of rental car agencies at LAX, which are currently spread across 23 separate properties surrounding the airport. Compromising almost six million square feet, the targeted LEED Silver project will be the largest ConRAC facility ever built relocating existing rental car locations scattered around the airport area into one convenient location adjacent to the 405 freeway. The ConRAC facility will provide direct connection to LAX’s Automated People Mover (APM) train system.

Pan-Pacific is handling the Fuel Oil scope of the project installing seven 45,000 gallon underground gasoline tanks in a 20 feet deep mass excavated tank farm. Ninety three dual hose dispensers will be installed throughout three floors making it the largest gas station in the world. All piping and tanks will be dual-walled with integrated electronic leak detection.