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    LAC + USC Medical Center

    Los Angeles, CA

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LAC+USC Medical Center is among the largest teaching hospitals in the country. Staffed by more than 450 full-time faculty of the Keck School and approximately 850 medical residents in training, LAC+USC services 50,000 inpatients and 750,000 outpatients annually. Among its specialized facilities and services is a state-of-the-art burn center, Level III neonatal intensive care unit, Level I trauma service, an NIH-funded clinical research center and a HIV/AIDS outpatient center.

Of the four buildings on this 1.5 million-square-foot facility Pan-Pacific is proud to have been a part of the seven-floor Outpatient facility and the highly complicated 430,000-square-foot Diagnostic and Treatment building, containing the hospital’s surgery, core lab, and radiology services.

Pan-Pacific brought an exceedingly skilled healthcare team to the project to ensure that the project ran smoothly throughout the construction.