Pan-Pacific’s team of detailing professionals represent the best in the business. With over 75 detailers on staff, Pan-Pacific does not fall short in its team of experienced professionals who are in charge of coordinating one of the most crucial elements of each project, the model.

Led by BIM Director, Mike Galindo, Pan-Pacific currently employees 35 detailers in the Fountain Valley office, 17 detailers in the Ontario office, 16 detailers in Norcal, and 4 detailers in Hawaii.

During this phase of construction, the team coordinates the model with project submittals and local building codes, identifies constructability issues, generates RFIs, models in-wall and access panels, coordinates with partition types, interior drawings, finish tile, and all structural and architectural details. The ultimate goal is to build a “Real World” model that can be installed and fabricated.

This is where the magic happens! Coordination can make or break a project. Often times the team is up against an aggressive construction schedule and the stakes are high. During this phase, the team uses Navisworks to run clash detection between all building trades including mechanical pipe and duct, electrical and fire sprinkler systems, framing, concrete, steel structure and more.

Successful fabrication requires successful coordination and it is equally important for the other building trades to participate. Missing elements in a model can cause a lot of re-work and field issues during installation.

Once the model is created and coordinated, the team can break the model into manageable spools. Each spool contains pertinent information on how to cut each pipe and placement of each fitting, which is packaged and sent to our in-house fabrication shop.

Ever wonder where trimble points come from? Sometimes years of planning and coordination go into insert and deck sleeve placement. Trimble allows our field staff to utilize the latest technology to lay out our entire plumbing system at the jobsite. The Trimble equipment is a key component to BIM as it allows accurate placement of all supports in the field which helps achieve successful fabrication of our plumbing and HVAC systems. All of the trimble points that we lay out are derived from the BIM model. If the model is wrong, then our layout is wrong and our fabrication is wrong. The stakes could not be any higher. Our BIM staff does a great job in collaboration with our QAQC staff and works hard to deliver a layout that works.



JASON OBERLANDER worked alongside Pan-Pacific team members for years before he finally joined the team in October of last year. He has been in the sheet metal trade for 20 years as a GF and now as a Detailer. He is currently working on the Venice High School project and previously contributed to Kaiser Irvine’s NICU. His favorite memory with Pan so far is seeing the boss dance on stage while making announcements.

Jason enjoys camping and is an avid fisherman. He also has a passion for coaching soccer and softball. Jason, his wife Jennifer, and their three daughters, Nicole (18), Mia (10), and Jordyn (6), live in Temple City in the San Gabriel Valley.

DAVE FREDERICKSEN is currently working on Kaiser Downey, and has contributed to Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital, Kaiser Central San Diego, Anaheim Convention Center and Oceanwide Plaza among many others since he joined the Pan-Pacific team almost ten years ago. David’s favorite memory at Pan was the battle with NAVFAC at Pendleton over specified codes. “It took 3 months to convince them that we should utilize IPC (International Plumbing Code) there. They conceded, and we were able to utilize several methods to eliminate piping, seismic and labor. Some of the methods we developed have since been incorporated into the UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code).

Dave enjoys four wheeling, extreme cross country hiking, remote camping, collecting vintage firearms, travel and skiing. He and his wife Theodora have been married for 23 years and live in Laguna Niguel with their 12-year-old son, Tanner.

WES HUTCHISON has enough personality to keep the entire Detailing team entertained. He has been with Pan/MAC5 for over seven years and is currently working on Grand Avenue in LA. Wes enjoys the comradery and team feel at Pan and takes pride in working for a powerhouse in the industry. One of his favorite memories at Pan is being a part of the three-man detailing team on Wilshire Grand.

Outside work Wes and his wife, Cary, enjoy hosting backyard BBQs. In fact, Wes has developed his own hot sauce called “Hardball Hot Sauce”. Wes, his wife and three daughters, Aven (8), Brielle (5) and Harper (2) live in Devore Heights. He also enjoys deep sea fishing, baseball (at one point he played for the SF Giants), and “picking” (buying things at yard sales and selling them on Ebay).

JASON ISAACS joined the Pan-Pacific team in 2011. Shortly afterward, he was approached with another opportunity that would take him away from Pan and build his leadership and training skills. Pan’s management encouraged the opportunity and kept in touch with Jason during his absence and when the time was over, they welcomed him back as if he had never left. Jason says, “Pan-Pacific cares about its employees’ welfare more than any other company.”

Jason has a lovely wife, Juliet, and three children (ages 10, 7, and 2). Interestingly, he was involved in the QAQC process on the very NICU where his own baby girl would be cared for less than a year later, which reinforced his mindset of giving his best to each project. Jason enjoys hunting and fishing with his family. He also volunteers as a certified firearms and personal safety instructor as well as with the San Bernardino County Fire Department for disaster response and incident response to terrorist bombings. Beyond that, he serves in leadership in two non-profit organizations that serve children and families.


DAN WATTS is a third-generation plumber with 20 years of experience. He started with Pan nearly 8 years ago and is currently BIM Lead for the Inglewood and Chargers Stadiums, and previously worked on Wilshire Grand and Kaiser South Bay. Prior to joining Pan-Pacific, he learned plumbing skills from his father, who was a boiler steam fitter contractor and then worked for Ryan Cavanaugh, detailing at D/K Mechanical. Dan’s favorite memories at Pan include walking the Wilshire Grand project and enjoying a beer at the rooftop bar, as well as developing Pan-Pacific’s Bluebeam training classes.

Outside of work, Dan enjoys playing drums in a NOFX (Punk Rock) Cover band with work colleague and guitarist Daniel Aponte. Dan lives in Ontario with his wife Witney, their two kids, Cloe (17) and Cole (15). He and his wife also breed Standard Poodles and participate in dog shows all around the state.

DANIEL APONTE joined Pan-Pacific last April when he was brought on by his friend and fellow band member, Dan Watts. He is currently working on The Grand Avenue project with Anthony Flores and LA Conte Apartments with Chris Talley and previously contributed to Inglewood Stadium and LLUMC. Daniel’s favorite memory at Pan is enjoying the day at our Universal Studios Safety Picnic last year. He enjoys working for a family-oriented company that shows appreciation to its employees.

Daniel and his wife, Larissa have been together for 8 years. He has a seven-year-old daughter, BellahJaymes, and 21-year-old step-daughter, Grayce. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family, being guitarist in NOFX Tribute Punk Rock band with drummer Dan Watts, bowling, and taking people’s money at Texas Hold’em.


DARREN KAETSU joined Pan-Pacific as a detailer during the CPI purchase merger last year and is currently working on the Kaiser MOA New Cath Lab project. Darren was born and raised in Honolulu and currently lives in Pearl City with his lovely wife of 26 years, Caroline.

Darren enjoys Pan-Pacific’s feeling of Ohana (family), and the fact that there is a great working process structure in place, as well as the support of the management staff. In his free time, Darren enjoys travelling, fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and working with his hands.


JASON WALTON joined Pan-Pacific when he was recruited out of the AutoCAD class at Local 342 eight years ago. He is currently working on the Warriors Arena and Charleston East, and has contributed to AC2, Kings Arena, Graton Casino and several Kaiser projects. He enjoys the opportunity to work on high-profile projects that are staffed with world-class design and construction teams. “It’s a real pleasure to collaborate on this level,” he says, “I’m also excited about our new process piping division.”

Jason and his wife Sbeydeh have been married for 5 years and have two dogs. Jason enjoys cooking. “I do a particularly good job when I’m cooking sous vide,” he says, “and I’m improving my skills with the smoker, pizza oven, and pressure cooker.”

MARIA NETO is a union steam fitter out of the UA Local 342 currently working on the New Stanford Hospital, 300 Grant, Gateway of Pacific, Kaiser San Leandro and Santa Clara, USF Student Housing and San Jose Regional Medical Center. She joined the Pan team in 2012, when she submitted her application and was hired the very next day. At age 19, Maria became one of the few women in construction when she became a mechanical piping/plumbing detailer. She enjoys working with all new software, being involved in the advancement of BIM technology, and forming friendships with her talented colleagues.

Maria and her family immigrated to the US from Portugal and she became a US citizen in the 70s. She has a son, Arric, and a four-year-old German Shepard.

RICH WILLIAMS oversees the NorCal sheet metal detailing department, and is involved with every project in some way, including detailing, training, peer review, value engineering, and overseeing the detailing database with Chris Romero. Rich and Chris are currently taking Revit classes and hope to be detailing with Pan’s own mechanical duct Revit template by the end of the year. Rich has been at Pan-Pacific for over a year and enjoys the team atmosphere.

Rich lives in Castro Valley with his wife Julie and four daughters, Analysa (15), Lilly (11), Riha (9), and Eva (4). They are involved in lots of local activities including swim, soccer, dance, gymnastics and self-defense classes. They love doing things as a family, and spend their free time outside as much as possible. Rich loves snowboarding, camping, hiking, dirt-biking, fishing and golf with family and friends.