The Northern California Foremen's Fishing Outing was held on May 6th on the New Huck Finn private charter in Emeryville, CA. Foremen had excellent weather for the occasion and left the pier bright and early at 6am. Captain Jay Yokomizo and his crew are highly recommended in the Bay Area and are known for consistently delivering quality fish, top scores, and a clean, well maintained boat. The Foremen fished for Halibut in the bay and every person was able to snag a catch except one, Tony Creatch. Sorry Tony! Tony also unfortunately lost a side bet on the the biggest fish. Gene Galpin caught the largest fish of the day and all Foremen were able to take home their catch to enjoy. It was reported that those who did not catch a fish, were at least able to catch a good buzz! Thanks to all of our Norcal Foremen who make our projects so successful. pan-pacific-fishing-trip-2017