Pan-Pacific’s Hawaii office celebrated its 2018 Safety Picnic at Hanukai Park in Honolulu with a kid-friendly, Star Wars themed event. Fifty guests were in attendance for the circus and drive-in movie experience viewing ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ from their vehicles and the designated lounge area. Children enjoyed the movie on the lawn in kiddie pools filled with blankets and pillows.

Hawaii Saber Academy hosted lightsaber training for all guests, while top-notch face painters and balloon artists created Star Wars themed characters for the kids. One child’s face painting was so impressive it made him cry and they had to wash it off! Employees also enjoyed a taco truck that had the guests coming back for seconds and thirds.

Through a charity effort, Make-A-Wish organized a majority of the party allowing our employees a platform to engage with this wonderful organization. Pan-Pacific was able to give back to the local community through a generous donation to the charity.

Guests were given Star Wars T-Shirts for the event which gave them a sneak peek at our new design, which was available for purchase at the Safety Store this holiday season.