• Address: 275 Magnolia Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802

Design efforts for Long Beach Court House began in January 2011. Officially named the Governor George Deukmejian Court House, the $490 million dollar project will occupy two city blocks in downtown Long Beach. The project will provide the Los Angeles Superior Court with a full service, consolidated facility with 31 courtrooms, secure inmate transfer facilities, detention facilities, and separate secure parking for judges.

The five-story design will keep with the cityscape featuring a low-rise scheme and will be approximately 545,00 square feet. LA County will occupy approximately 80% of the space, while the remaining space will be available for lease and retail.

The Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse Design Build project included an installation of an aboveground 2,000 gallon tank in an open-roof enclosure.  This tank serves as a supply tank for the generator in the basement with a belly tank suction system.  It allows for additional generator run time to support the evacuation time needed in the case of an emergency.

As an experienced Design Build contractor, we are able to give each project we service individual attention and design.  Every system has unique requirements and we can work directly with the Owner to get the best possible design for each project while aiming to save both time and money.

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