• 66 Years of Expertise

    66 Years of Expertise

    Our experience allows us the flexibility to meet the unique needs and challenges of a wide variety of construction projects. Despite the type of project, our accurate and progressive processes allows clients to make informed decisions to maximize their project’s potential.

  • Prefabrication Done Right

    Prefabrication Done Right

    Pan-Pacific’s Prefabrication helps to control costs in many ways which we pass on to our customers. For example, Prefabrication provides a controlled environment which allows for assembly-line efficiencies for production.

  • We have a strong team at Pan-Pacific. It is a great feeling to see the pride we all take in our company.

    We have a strong team at Pan-Pacific. It is a great feeling to see the pride we all take in our company.

    Bobby Shea, Prefabrication

  • International Success

    International Success

    Pan-Pacific's team of experienced professionals are able to meet the unique needs and challenges of construction projects around the globe. We can assist or direct design and construction for our clients' projects here and abroad.

  • Dedicated Service

    Dedicated Service

    Pan-Pacific’s relationship with its employees is paramount in our core values. In an industry with relatively high employee turnover, many of our employees have been with us for 10-20 years and more.

  • State of the Art Precision

    State of the Art Precision

    Pan-Pacific employs over 50 BIM/3D CAD proficient detailers. Through their capable services, we offer 3D Design and Coordination and NavisWorks Collision Detection. This allows us to create our shop drawings for Prefabrication with incredible precision.

The Legacy of Innovation and Planning

Pan-Pacific’s attention to details, timely project completion, cost-efficiency and innovative expertise across a broad scope of projects has created an enduring legacy for the future.

Planning for the future means we will continue to hold on to our long-term relationships with customers and our employees.

Pan-Pacific Projects

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San Diego International Airport Rental Car Center – San Diego, CA

Pan-Pacific is nearing the end of a consolidated rental car center

Loma Linda University Medical Center Campus Transformation – Loma Linda, CA

Pan-Pacific Mechanical was recently awarded the Loma Linda Campus Transformation project